Here at Franklin Citrus Farms in Statesboro, Georgia, we specialize in growing the amazing tree ripe Delicious Satsuma Mandarin. It is sweet, juicy, easy peel, almost seedless and relatively low in acid for a citrus. This makes them a perfect healthy fruit snack for kids and adults.

We also specialize in the Sweet Georgia Kisses. 

They are stunning little mandarins with bursts of flavor, seedless and easy peel. In addition to taste, Sweet Georgia Kisses are a beautiful lush orange and come with colorful green leaves making them a perfect addition to the holiday table setting.

Other citrus currently grown on the farm in limited quantities including but not limited to: 'Georgia' Clementines, 'Tango' Tangerines,  'Gold Nugget' Tangerines, Ruby Grapefruit, 'Meyer' Lemon and 'Page' Tangerines.

Season begins around early November and runs through the first of February. This makes them a delicious hit, enjoyed by all ages at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. 

We even ship gift boxes! Have our Georgia Grown Citrus delivered straight to your home, or to the person you wish to share and give this special treat to as a holiday gift.

So, discover some of the best citrus Georgia has to offer. From our farm to your table, enjoy and have a blessed holiday season.



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